Cotton Classing

60 years growing together

Independent classing services, managed by a local, experienced team

Namoi Cotton knows growers and we work hard to provide an efficient supply chain to our grower network. Australian Classing Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Namoi Cotton that is 100% independent, allows us to achieve better efficiencies.

Cotton classing is undertaken by our accredited classing team in Wee Waa.

ACS provides cotton classing to both Namoi Cotton and other cotton processors across the nation. This process determines the quality of characteristics of each bale of cotton. These quality assessments utilise a mixture of the latest High-Volume Instrumentation (HVI) equipment with human visual testing. 

After each sample is classed, the data associated with the quality characteristics is provided to NCMA or the relevant third party. The class can then be used in the warehousing, selling, and shipping of lint cotton to overseas markets.

The quality characteristics:

Accurate classing. Your cotton always gets the right grade.

The class of your cotton lint is essential to ensure you get the right price for your product. While Australian Classing Services is owned by Namoi Cotton, they are independent and provide the right, accurate class for the cotton, regardless of who grew or processed the cotton.

ACS allows us to achieve further supply chain efficiencies

By owning and maintaining on-site classing rooms, Namoi Cotton gets our cotton lint classed and received sooner, so we can get the data sooner. This allows our merchants access to their bales quicker to get these packed and paid for sooner. 

It's just one of the ways Namoi Cotton has continued to grow with Australia.

Let's grow together.

With the largest ginning network in Australia and on-site cotton classing rooms, Namoi Cotton has been growing together with Australia’s rich agriculture industry since 1962. Come grow with us.